‚ÄčUganda has been significantly impacted by war, political instability, famine, drought, disease, and poverty. These factors have left more than 2.5 million children orphaned (UNICEF 2012). Our calling is to provide opportunities for these children to receive a quality education that will enable them to thrive and to be productive members of their communities and country.  

Share Sunlight Mission with others and ask if they would consider the gift of sponsorship.

If you would be willing to share packets of children waiting for sponsorship, please email us at info@sunlightmission.org

Travel to Uganda

Ever wanted to go on a trip that will change your life forever?  We would love to give you a chance to let these beautiful people impact you.  If you would be interested in joining a trip, please email Jen@sunlightmission.org

Vision & Purpose

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Volunteer Opportunities

Sunlight Mission seeks to equip and educate orphans and vulnerable children in a loving and Christ-centered environment by facilitating learning, improving health, and promoting self-sustainability.