Psalm 115:1 Not to us, lORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness!

Fatih & Hope - Dairy Cows!

The Blessing of Nutrition

In May 2015, Fall Creek Elementary completed a project called "Coins for Cows" where they raised enough money to purchase 2 dairy cows, along with the cows' vaccinations, delivery expenses, construction of a corral named "Fall Creek Corral", food and some salary for the cows' caregiver and livestock educator. Students at Calvary will now have their porridge with MILK!  A GIANT increase in the nutritional value of this staple meal.  What a tremendous effort by these kiddos at FCE!  They have been pen pals with Calvary for the last 3 years, and have become an awesome partner and sister school!  We are forever grateful for this relationship! 


The Blessing of Mobility

In April 2015, we received donations towards the purchase of a Boda-Boda!  It has been the school's desire to have this mode of transportation!  They are so excited to have flexibility for teachers to go to training in Masaka and also to be able to haul food and other supplies to the school!  Thanking God for this generous gift!

Building Renovation

The Blessing of Safety

In February 2015, we began renovation work on the buildings that are on the new land.  These buildings and the ability to repair them for use for dormitories is a HUGE answer to prayer.  Calvary was renting space for about 70 boarding students, many of whom are pastor's children.  Recently, a pub opened right next to where the children were staying and was becoming quite a nuisance. We are so thankful to be able to move the children to the safety of the new land and away from the busy village environment.  Vincent's family will also relocate here with a few other care-givers to shepherd these children.  

New Land

The Blessing of Provision

In December 2014, Calvary was able to purchase 20 acres of new land adjacent to the current school property.  This was thanks to donations from the 2nd annual Climbing for Calvary event.  This land will be used for agriculture.  It has very fertile soil, great space for grazing and keeping animals and also came with some buildings on it which will be renovated for Calvary use.  We are so thankful for God's provision which will allow Calvary access to so many more sustainable projects!  

1st time water comes out of your new well = happiness!

New School Structures

The Blessing of Protection

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Climbing for Calvary fundraiser, new buildings are being built at Calvary.  They are building 2 new 5 room classroom blocks, a kitchen, food storage area and office space.  No more fu fu (dust) & wind for these smart kids!  They now have a protected place to learn and grow.  The new kitchen and food storage is the first step to providing one meal a day at school!  (Nov. 2013 - Feb. 2014)

A New Well

The Blessing of Fresh Water

Living Water International completed drilling of a fresh water well in September 2013.  The entire community is using this gift which is a particular blessing during the dry season when there is no other water access for miles.