• Please pray for the safety of all children, especially those in boarding and for their caregivers.
  • Pray for daily rest for our dear Vincent, he works so hard and is watching over kids from early morning to very late at night.  
  • Please pray for the health and well being of all the staff, children and families that Calvary serves.  
  • Please pray that the Lord will provide sponsors for all of the Calvary kids who are waiting for a sponsor. (See our home page for more information) 
  • Prayer for wisdom and direction for meeting most important needs at Calvary. 
  • Prayer for God's timing in all of our work!  That HIS name may be glorified thru what is accomplished thru this mission and all those who support it. 
  • Pray for the teachers and their families, that they will continue to trust in God's timing for provision as they work so hard to teach the children.