Along with scholarships and other student needs, donations from the 3rd Annual Climbing for Calvary helped us purchase a maize milling machine and build a new building to house it. Calvary Milling will serve the surrounding area for maize milling and will use profits for school operation costs.  They will also be able to mill their own maize which will reduce their cost of food processing as well.  We are excited for this endeavor!  Thank you.  
​​What a great weekend in the mountains with a great group for a great cause! We started with a hike around Turquoise Lake, followed by Mt. Sherman!  We had 19 hikers, the youngest of which were 6 year old twins!  They rocked the hikes and we got to celebrate with them and 9 others as they summitted their 1st 14er!  Way to go team!  Thanks for being a part of the 3rd Annual Climbing for Calvary! 

2015 Hikers

Gloria was the 1st recipient of a scholarship. Her thankful mom is with Michael. 
We have also been able to start the Sunlight fund, which is currently helping 25 students continue their education in secondary school.  

​We were able to purchase 20 acres of new land & new dorms!  

2014 hikers

​​​2014 - 2nd Annual Climbing for Calvary was a HUGE success! We exceeded our goal and had a LOT of fun!  So thankful for everyone - hikers & donors!  You are making a big impact! 

Thank you for your love and support!

We are excited to see what God will accomplish this year!

School before

New Buildings

2013 hikers

2013 - Our 1st annual Climbing for Calvary donations helped us rise up 10 permanent classrooms and other structures on the school site.

Climbing for Calvary!

Aug. 4-7th 2016 

Our 2016 team is set, we have close to 70 participants in this year's event!  The most hikers we have ever had! We are so excited for all that will be accomplished through their hard work!  

The goal of this event is to raise funds to support Calvary's ongoing projects and new sustainability projects, including irrigation!  To see some of what we have done in the past thanks to this event, please click below or see our projects page: